7 Foods Your Heart Wished You Would Stop Eating

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

foods to stop eating

7 Foods Your Heart Wished You Would Stop EatingHeart attacks occur when the arteries in the body supplying blood become clogged.

Unhealthy lifestyle habits such as smoking and lack of exercise increase your chances for a heart attack.

In addition, a diet high in calories, sodium, and trans fat is a sure way to make your heart unhappy.

Check out the following list of foods that the heart absolutely hates and try to do the best that you can to avoid them.

1. Restaurant Appetizers

Most restaurant appetizers are generally horrible for the heart. Consider all of the salt—and with its sodium—on an order of fries. With one serving, you might be meeting your entire daily requirement for sodium.

Not only does sodium increase your chances of a heart attack, your arteries absolutely hate it. What’s worse is that scientists are currently investigating the possibility that salted food is actually addictive.

A recent study tested the “Salted Food Addiction Hypothesis,” or the idea that salt might trigger the pleasure centers of the brain like an addictive drug.

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The researchers found that, “Salted food stimulate appetite, increases calorie consumption, augments the incidence of overeating, overweight, obesity and related illnesses.”