7 Foods a Nutritionist Would Never Eat

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

While we often try to not draw a line in the sand regarding good foods and bad foods, but rather try to talk about moderation, the truth is that there are some foods that nutritionists, the food experts among us, would never eat.

Let’s take a look inside your cabinet – what foods in there should you set aside for something better?

1. Soda

Soda is a nutritionist’s worst nightmare. Essentially a bottle of soda is just liquid sugar.


There is nothing nutritious about it, and with all that sugar it isn’t even good for quenching your thirst. Do away with soda today and switch to water and milk. Just think about it – if a can of coke can eat through rust, do you really want that inside your body?

2. Sugary Cereal

High sugar, low nutrient cereal is a terrible way to start your day. Many of these cereals will make health claims because they are fortified, but you would do better with a cereal containing less sugar. And don’t just make the switch to granola – many granola lines on the market are no better for you than sugary cereals. They are often high in fat and calories, even if they are lower in sugar.

3. TV Dinners

These premade frozen dinners are the equivalent of a giant salt lick. The sodium level in these meals is extremely high, often exceeding what you should have in a day, never mind just one meal. Instead of buying TV dinners, try cooking ahead of time for the week and freezing your own meals. This is a much healthier option to the premade variety.

4. Hot Dogs

Many nutritionists cite hot dogs as a food they simply wouldn’t eat. Even those hot dogs that are nitrate free are too difficult to source when it comes to where the meat is from.

Hot dogs are a convenient way to hide things that we wouldn’t otherwise consume.

5. Cereal Bars

Cereal bars are often packed with far more sugar than you would expect. Even those that bill themselves as energy bars or high fiber bars are often no better. A cereal or granola bar is often no healthier than some frosted PopTarts. Avoid pre-packaged muffins as well – those are notoriously high in sugar.


6. Instant Noodle Cups

Ramen noodles may be a godsend for the broke college kid, but they will do a number on your daily sodium intake. Particularly for those with any history of hypertension or diabetes, these noodles should absolutely be out of the question. There is no nutritional redeeming value in these cups of noodles.

7. White Bread

If you’re going to eat white bread, you might as well have a cupcake. Both are made from basic carbohydrates that quickly break down into simple sugars, leaving you with your energy crashing and very little in the way of nutrition.

Try out sprouted grain breads if you’re looking for a bread with real nutrition packed into every bite.

What foods have been banned from your pantry? Tell us about your healthy choices in the comments.


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