5 Ways To Keep Healthy Eyes in a Digital World

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

healthy eyes

4. There’s an App For That

eyesight app

There are many apps for cell phones and tablets that protect your eyesight as well. The Eye Reader for iPhone illuminates the page and can magnify it up to five times.


There is also a Vision Test app for the iPhone that will measure your far field vision, color accuracy, and visual perception. This app can also help you find an eye doctor.

5. Talk to Your Doctor

eye exam

Finally, you should get regular eye exams to make sure your eyesight is doing well.


This is especially important if poor eyesight or eye conditions run in your family, as they are often hereditary. Your doctor can give you a dilated eye exam to check for disease.

For more information about eyesight health and protection in the digital world, check out this infographic.