5 Things You Never Knew About Your Favorite Sports Drink

by DailyHealthPost

Gatorade is the go-to sports drink for many athletes.

Almost everyone knows about the Gatorade story. The popular drink was developed to keep the University of Florida’s football hydrated during the exceptionally hot summer of 1965.

Gatorade works by replacing fluid and electrolytes. The sugar in the drink helps fuel your body so that you can keep going, longer.

Check out these five things you might not know about Gatorade.

1. It’s Bad for Your Teeth

Gatorade definitely keeps you hydrated but it is horrible for your teeth. A recent study by the University of Tennessee College of Dentistry involved a test to determine the dental erosion impact of several popular drinks[1]. In the study, researchers experimented with several drinks to determine how bad they are for your teeth.

The popular energy drink Red Bull turned out to be the most harmful. Gatorade was the second most harmful drink—worse for your teeth than Coca-Cola.


Just because it is bad for your teeth doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t drink it. As with most things, moderation is the key. Don’t make Gatorade your primary way of staying hydrated.

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