5 Foods That Affect Thyroid Health For The Better or Worse

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

(originally written by Elizabeth Walling)

Food heals. And when it comes to foods for your thyroid, it’s all the more true. Diet often plays a key role in whether your thyroid is functioning properly, so it makes sense to start there when you’re aiming to restore the health of your thyroid. Food can be your friend or your enemy when you’re dealing with thyroid trouble, depending on which foods you’re focusing on.

Foods That Nourish the Thyroid

1. Coconut oil


For many people, the simple act of eating more coconut oil is enough to raise their body temperature and supply them with natural energy, which indicates the powerful role coconut oil plays in thyroid health. Buy high quality coconut oil online here.
2. Cod liver oil

The bioavailable vitamin A in cod liver oil (mainly the quality kind found here) is especially supportive of healthy thyroid function, because the thyroid depends on plenty of natural vitamin A.

3. Butter

With its plentiful supply of vitamin A and iodine, butter remains a thyroid food that nourishes the whole body.

4. Eggs

Similar to butter, eggs are a rich source of vitamin A and iodine. Plus, they are en excellent source of protein. Getting plenty of natural amino acids through protein is good for your thyroid.


5. Vegetables from the Sea: Everyday Cooking with Sea GreensSeafood.

The richest source of natural iodine, seafood played an important role in traditional Asian cultures. These people ate soy (highly fermented, of course) on a daily basis, but also ate plenty of iodine-rich seafood to counteract soy’s anti-nutrients. Sea vegetables like kelp and dulce are especially nutritious, and so is genuine fish broth.