4-year-old Fighting Cancer Finally Reunites with Dad After Seven Weeks due to Quarantine

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

Mila Sneddon is just 4 years old and yet she’s been through a nightmare no one should have to endure. The young girl from Falkirk has leukemia. To make matters worse, she also had to spend the last seven weeks in isolation due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the ensuing quarantine. 

Mila had to stay separated from her family for so long because she was undergoing chemotherapy. The chemotherapy treatments compromise the patient’s immune system making the potential Covid-19 infection extremely dangerous

Fortunately, the 4-year-old cancer survivor finally managed to reunite with her dad after he went through a period of isolation and testing. Their family captured the beautiful moment in a heartwarming video.

Child with cancer reunites with dad after seven weeks apart

Scott Sneddon is 50-years-old and he had to work during the pandemic. Because of that, he temporarily moved out of the family home in order to protect his daughter. The two kept in touch, however, either online or simply through the kitchen window where they could talk and give each other “air hugs” safely.

After 7 weeks, however, Scott was placed on the government furlough scheme and was told to stop working. This gave him the opportunity to finally reunite with his daughter and family. 

In the footage the Sneddon family captured, Scott surprised his daughter who clearly had no idea her dad was coming home. 

“I’m going to come home today,” Scott told Mila through the kitchen window. The little girl immediately lit up with excitement and asked “Today?!” 

“Right now,” Scott confirmed as he entered the kitchen. The tearful hug that capped their reunion was heartwarming.

During these 7 weeks, it was Mila’s mother, Lynda, who had to take her to all chemotherapy sessions. The young cancer survivor also lost her grandmother during the lockdown as she had tested positive for Covid-19.


“We continue to push through, it’s not easy for anybody but Mila is really resilient and inspires us every day,” Lynda Sneddon said. 

Mila’s mother also shared that the long-awaited reunion was a nice reprive for the family in these difficult times.

“It’s been difficult – it’s been challenging,” Lynda said. “We continue to push through, it’s not easy for anybody but Mila is really resilient and inspires us every day.”

Mila Sneddon also had a message for everyone her story managed to reach:

“Thank you, everybody, for staying at home.”

Her message got the support of the famous Scottish duo Ant and Dec who helped spread it around. They also invited Mila and her family to be in the audience of one of their ITV shows once the pandemic is over and life returns to normal.