4 Things You Absolutely Need to Know About E-Cigarettes. Don’t Buy Any Until You’ve Read This!

by DailyHealthPost Editorial


As part of a plan to regulate electronic (“e-”) cigarettes, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced a new requirement for manufacturers to print warnings on the devices and disclose their ingredients.

In 2011, the FDA was given the authority to regulate under tobacco laws but has not exercised that authority up to now.

The National Association of Attorneys General is now calling on the FDA to include regulation of the advertising and sale of e-cigarettes.


1. What are E-Cigarettes?

what are e-cigarettes

An e-cigarette looks like a regular cigarette, other than the rainbow of colors available. Powered by a lithium battery, when you take a drag—or “vape”–a heating element boils liquid within the cartridge of the cigarette until vapor is produced which is then inhaled, delivering the nicotine and other chemicals. A tiny LED light at the end turns red to duplicate the look and feel of a traditional cigarette.

2. The Initial Cost Can Be Quite Expensive for Some.


One e-cigarette costs between $30 and $100 with replacement cartridges going for around $600. The price, then, is much less than the yearly $1000+ at one pack of tobacco cigarettes per day.

It’s estimated by the Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association that currently 4 million Americans use them.