35 Easy Tips to Help Fend off Stress

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

Stress can be detrimental to your work performance, not to mention the negative effects it has on aging, anger, and many other aspects of life you want to keep in check.

It can cause you to gain weight or even shorten your lifespan. Keep your stress level in check with these helpful tips, and you can be happier, healthier, and more productive.

Meditate – Meditation is a great way to step outside of the things that are stressing you out. Give yourself 10 minutes to meditate and clear your mind, and you will be able to step back into your challenges with a fresh approach.


Go for a Walk – Stretch your legs and look around you. There can be a lot to appreciate when you step away from a stressful situation, and it can help you focus on practical solutions without getting too caught up.

Picture Yourself Relaxing – Simply envisioning yourself relaxed can help you step into that frame of mind.

Breathing Exercises – Taking 10 deep breaths will help you focus on something different for a moment, and will help you clear stress from your mind and get to the root of your challenges. Breathing exercises can help you reduce tension and relax.

Look Around Yourself – Take a moment to appreciate your surroundings. It can be easy to get caught up in a stressful situation, but observing the people and things around you can really help you get a handle on things.

Drink Tea – Warm Tea, especially caffeine-free, can help put your mind and body at ease.

Show Affection – Physical contact with a loved one can help unload a lot of the baggage on your mind.


Have a Massage – Physical contact can do wonders, but even giving yourself a quick massage to relieve tension points can help you get more comfortable and make your worries fade away.

Take a Break – Give yourself some ‘you time’ now and then. Let your mind wander away from work and stress, or find a quick activity that you enjoy and that helps get your mind off things.

Listen to Music – Music can make a world of difference to your emotions. Pick an old favorite feel-good track to get yourself back into the right mindset.

Take a Break From Your Attitude – It’s easy to get caught up in things, especially when you’re busy. Make a deliberate effort to switch your mindset – force a smile or a laugh, and you might be surprised how much it can change your mood.

Skip the Coffee – Caffeine might help you get through the work day, but it can also get your mind spinning and fixated on things that are stressing you out. Try a tall glass of cold water instead; it can make you more alert and will help cleanse your system.

Avoid Processed Foods – Junk food takes a toll on your digestive system, and an upset stomach makes it easy to stress out about everything else going on around you.


Eat Ginger – Ginger can ease your stomach and help you relax. Try it in tea, or ginger sweets, or tasty candied ginger.

Try Flax Seed Oil – Flax seed oil is rich in alpha-linolenic acid, which can influence your sense of well-being and help relieve you of stress.

Unplug the Electronics – Turn off the computer; disconnect yourself from social networks for a minute. Concentrate on the here and now, and the worries of the outside world can disappear for a moment.

Turn off the Cell Phone – Worried about a stressful call that might come in at any time from a boss or friend? Turn off the phone for a while and focus on what you have to do. If it’s important, they will leave a message.