3-Ingredient Recipe Makes For a Powerful Drink That Promises To Detoxify And Energize The Body!

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

detox recipe

3 ingredient detox drinkThis easy-to-make beverage is perfect for having over breakfast, and contains ingredients that will aid in digestion, boost your immune system, and give you plenty of energy.

Whether you want to increase your energy or just settle your stomach, this drink will help – and best of all, it can be made with only a few ingredients that are easy to find at your local grocery store.

Drink between one to four cups a day for improved digestion, to flush toxins out of the body, or even for everyday weight loss – this drink has your back for all sorts of issues!


Morning Breakfast Detox Recipe


  • Four organic apples
  • One lemon, peeled
  • One tablespoon fresh grated ginger


  • Add a few mint leaves to the juicer
  • Add a handful of strawberries to the juicer


Use a blender or juicer to mix these ingredients – you can also add some water if the flavor is too intense, or sweeten it with organic honey.

How It Works

Lemons have many health benefits that you may not be aware of – it is used for weight loss, treating respiratory disorders and throat infections, and for lowering blood pressure.

It’s also chock full of vitamin C to help boost your immune system and smooth out your complexion. In addition to all of this, this natural diuretic can improve blood vessel function.


Ginger helps to sooth your digestive system, and can also improve mobility and reduce pain associated with osteoarthritis.

Apples provide a natural sweetener for this tasty drink, and are easy to digest – who says things that are good for you have to taste bad?

This recipe is best prepared with a juicer – which can also help prepare many other similar drinks with even more health benefits. If you don’t have one, you should definitely look into getting one; it’s well worth the expense for the use you’ll get out of it.