This Lamp Can Run For Eight Hours And All It Needs Is One Glass of Salt Water

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

salt lamp

The Sustainable Alternative Lighting project, otherwise known as SALt, is releasing a lamp that runs purely on saltwater to the island nation of the Philippines where the cost of candles, paraffin, or battery-operated lamps have hit the poor very hard.

These lamps work as simply as they sound. One glass of water, mixed with two tablespoons of salt and you get eight hours of bright light. Here is the designer showing how it works:

This is a social movement, as well as a new piece of technology. Bringing light to people that struggle for it is one of the greatest gifts you can give them.

Being able to function at night is something that many people take for granted and can open up thousands of hours to work on other projects to better yourself and your community.

Later in the year, the salt lamp will also be able to charge smart phones.


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