15 Ways to Fill Your Home With Positive Energy And High Vibrations

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

positive energy home

9. Remove Harmful Toxins

Toxic chemicals such as those found in household cleaners and paint can significantly impact your health. They can also lower the vibration of your home according to holistic healers. There are a number of effective natural cleaners you can buy as well as make on your own that can help you eliminate most of the harmful chemicals in your home. Your health and beauty and personal care products are another source of toxic chemicals.

Studies show that these chemicals are causing countless diseases including cancer. The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has done a number of studies on the impact these chemicals are having on our health and environment (13). Start researching better alternatives and eventually eliminate as many of these as possible from your daily life.

10. Open Your Windows

It’s no surprise that a home that is lacking in fresh, clean air can be stuffy and unpleasant for the simple reason it is lacking in a fresh source of oxygen. By just opening up your windows once a day (even for a few minutes in the winter months) you can help release built-up toxins and help positive energy flow into your home.

Increasing the oxygen levels in your home can also increase the efficiency of almost all of the reactions in your body. You will soon see that everyone in the family is happier and healthier. You will even see that by doing just this one step every day, you will sleep more soundly and be rejuvenated when you awaken (14).

11. Meditate

Bring positive energy into your life by clearing your negatives thoughts and refocusing your mind. Meditation will free you from stress and fear while also promoting relaxation and happiness.

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As you increase your good vibrations, it will also affect your immediate environment. It’ll even improve your concentration, awareness, and self-acceptance and promote better heart health, immune function, and longevity.

12. Fill Your Home with Happy Memories

Invite your friends and family often in your home and create opportunities for new memories to be made. Let you home become a place where positive energy is multiplied and enjoyed by all!

Print out pictures from your favorite trips and moments. The same thing goes for the objects in your home: if it brings you happiness, keep it and display it!

Every few months go through your stuff and get rid of anything with neutral or unhappy connotations.

13. Cut Down on Electronics

Television and other screens can easily become distractions that make you unproductive. Most tv shows are also reeking with negativity. Watching too much tv is even linked to depression, anxiety, sleep problems, and loneliness (15,16).

Spending time in front of the screen is also a form of escapism that brings us further away from ourselves and our goals.

14. Light Candles

Nothing sets the mood quite like lighting a few candles. They can transform a drab bedroom into a relaxing oasis or a plain bathroom into a luxurious spa. Lighting a candle is a sure-fire way to boost the good vibrations in your home. Just make sure not to leave it unattended.

Most scented candles contain toxic chemicals like formaldehyde and “fragrance”. If you want a nice fragrance while your candle burns, opt for a beeswax candle infused with essential oils. Candle-powered oil diffusers also do the trick.

15. Create a Space for Relaxation

Your home should your ultimate sanctuary. Fill it with things that make your happy and don’t be afraid to decorate. Find a corner in your home just for yourself and spend a few minutes every day just enjoying the space.

Most importantly, every time you walk through the door, leave your worries outside.

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