12 Ways to Re-boot Your Liver

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

natural liver detox

11. Go for Grapefruit

This bitter citrus fruit doesn’t get the credit it deserves. For one, it’s a vitamin C powerhouse that contains countless antioxidants.

In terms of liver health, grapefruit contains naringenin, which protects against liver injury and fibrosis caused by eating cured meat.(18) The compound also has antiinflammatory properties that fight chemical-induced oxidative stress. (19) Moreover, the compound’s chelating effects work against liver necrosis, hydropic degeneration, and hepatic cord disorganization. (20)

Add half a grapefruit or a tall glass of grapefruit juice to your daily breakfast for a great natural liver detox. Just know that the fruit can interact with prescription medicine, so speak to your doctor if you have ongoing prescriptions.

12. Eat Organic

Roundup is the world’s most popular herbicide. It contains the ingredient glyphosate, which causes a whole plethora of serious illness, including autism spectrum disorders, headaches, neurological dysfunction, obesity, allergies, asthma, and liver disease. Glyphosate residues exist in almost all conventional foods sold in North America, from honey to boxed cereals to wine. You can find more information about what foods to specifically avoid here.

A recent study found that regular ultra-low doses of Roundup (proportional to what humans can expect to ingest if eating conventional packaged and processed foods) fed to rats over a 2-year period resulted in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in the second year. (21)

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“Regulators worldwide accept toxicity studies in rats as indicators of human health risks. So the results of this latest study have serious implications for human health.” (22)

This is important, the study states, as fatty liver disease correlates with obesity, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome. In addition, there are cumulative effects:

“there is increasing evidence to suggest that GBHs [glyphosate-based herbicides] and glyphosate can bring about toxic effects via different mechanisms, depending upon the level of exposure.” [Ibid.]

This study also observed glyphosate damage to other organs as well. Results included tissue cell death, fibrosis (scarring), abnormal metabolism of fats, and damage to cell mitochondria (the centers of cells that take in nutrients, break them down, and release them as energy).

Organic food by definition means that the produce grows without synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers. It also means that the farmers use seeds which are not genetically modified. These factors drastically reduce your exposure to glyphosate and other toxic chemicals. No matter how good the natural liver detox, pesticides can damage your liver permanently.

Bottom Line

Your liver is the largest internal organ in your body and it filters everything you eat and take in. Take care of this critical organ with a natural liver detox lifestyle and toxins will be a thing of the past!

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