This Famous Actor Tried to Teach The Cookie Monster How To ‘Resist.’ Hilarity Ensues.

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

cookie monster

Let’s face it: we’ve all got a Cookie Monster living inside of us.

Whatever our vice, it’s hard to say no to ourselves when we’re facing down our tasty treat of choice, but a lot of the time saying no is the healthy thing.

To help spread the word about the importance of self-restraint, Sesame Street brought in wizard and master of magnetism Ian McKellen to chat with Cookie Monster about the word “Resist.”

It’s informative for children and hilarious for everyone. Take a look.

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“Resist means to control yourself and stop yourself from doing something you really want to do,” McKellen says. Cookie Monster doesn’t quite get it. And then Sir Ian busts out a huge chocolate chip cookie, and then BOY does Cookie Monster get it.

Sure, it’s a little cruel to dangle a cookie in front of Cookie Monster, and CM does *spoiler alert* wind up with a face full of crumbs once his willpower runs out. Still, a solid message, given the evils lurking in sugar.

We’ve long known that sugar is a major contributor to weight gain, and that cutting it from our diets can help us drop a few pounds. Now research is also suggesting that sugar can “worsen depression or anxiety in kids and teens” and contribute to dementia in later life. Teaching kids to say no to sugar – and reminding ourselves to do the same – can only be a good thing.

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