12 Signs of Heightened Emotional Intelligence You Can Easily Recognize

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

emotional intelligence

7. They Don’t Spread Gossip

Spreading gossip only ever brings harm, both for you and the subject of the rumors. Sticking to mundane subjects of conversation is much better, but it won’t help you move forward. That’s why people with EQ not only seek positive and uplifting conversations, but deep ones as well. After all, being vulnerable with the people close to you will give you a different perspective and will help you learn from the experience of others.

8. They Don’t Get Overwhelmed

If you don’t set boundaries in your relationships, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed when you meet a strong personality. That’s why emotionally intelligent individuals are vocal and firm about their wants and needs. They also are quick to voice concerns when they feel disrespected. By doing so, these people don’t let others manipulate or take advantage of them.

9. They Don’t Live for Others

Emotionally intelligent people have an innate understanding of self that can’t be shaken. They trust their talents and abilities and don’t need validation from others. While they’ll respect the opinions of their loved ones, they don’t make their decisions to please others. Instead, they follow their gut and have faith they’ll learn from every experience and get better as they go.

10. They Don’t Confuse Emotions

People with a high EQ can quickly distinguish what emotions they’re feeling and why. They have a deep understanding of their wants and needs and can express those feelings to others.

12. They Aren’t Afraid of Growth

Emotionally intelligent people challenge themselves and understand that success comes from understanding yourself and facing your personal challenges head on. They pursue emotional growth as a path towards personal fulfillment.

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12. They Don’t Hide Their Mistakes

Emotional intelligence requires courage and plenty of self-confidence, but it also requires honesty. As such, emotionally intelligent people take responsibility for their mistakes, especially when they affect others around them.

Instead of giving excuses, these people will own up to their errors, apologize to their victims and do right by changing their behavior and actively gaining back the trust they lost. Emotionally intelligent people don’t expect to be forgiven, they simply try to right their wrongs and learn from their mistakes.

Like academic intelligence, emotional intelligence can be worked on. Keep a journal of how you feel, join a therapy group or take up some basic psychology courses. If you’re really struggling with the concept, consider consulting a psychologist to get an expert’s perspective on the subject.

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