12 Signs of Heightened Emotional Intelligence You Can Easily Recognize

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

emotional intelligence

1. They Don’t Disregard Other People’s Feelings

Highly emotionally intelligent people show empathy toward others and seek to understand them above all. While it can be easy to be afraid of what you don’t understand or make assumptions about others, it’s better to seek to understand.

It’s quite simple really: show compassion towards others and treat them as you’d like to be treated. Don’t forget that there’s always two sides to a story, so listen to your enemies as you would your friends.

2. They Won’t Ignore Their Own Feelings

Emotional intelligence involves lots of work: you have to face your inner demons head on. When you notice a pattern of behavior that isn’t helping you move forward in life, the first step is to try to understand why you behave that way. Make sure to name your emotions: you’ll feel more grounded and in control. This step is also crucial to having empathy and understanding others.

Emotions are what makes us human, so it’s vital to show yourself compassion and acknowledge them as they come. Nothing good ever came from dismissing emotions, so sit down and give yourself some much-needed self-love and self-understanding.

3. They Don’t Play the Victim

When you work on your emotional intelligence, you gain the ability to control your emotions and stay accountable. After all, it’s easier to tame a beast that you know and understand.

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Emotionally intelligent people aren’t victims of circumstances: they redirect their negative emotions into more productive thoughts. They give their emotions the time of day and take steps to recover during difficult times.

4. They Don’t Let Their Thoughts Run Wild

Your thoughts may seem like they have a mind of their own, but, in truth, you are always in control. It’s important to find a balance between introspection and action. Don’t let your emotions rule you: focus instead on what you can learn from your experience and how your perspective will change as your emotions settle. If your brain just won’t quit: meditate or get creative and bleed your thoughts on paper.

5. They Won’t Dwell on the Negative

Being emotionally intelligent requires a certain sensitivity, but being too sensitive has its downfall. People with a high EQ balance it out with a positive attitude. This allows them to keep a healthy perspective and stay grounded.

6. They Won’t Be Pushed Over

No matter how polite you are, sometimes it’s necessary to stand your ground. The difference lies in the fact that emotionally intelligent people avoid petty drama and saves their energy for positive interactions instead.

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