Cleveland Clinic Doctor And Libertarian Presidential Candidate Found Dead In Hotel Room

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

dr mark allan feldman

01 Cleveland Clinic Doc And Libertarian Presidential Candidate Found Dead In Hotel Room (1)

Dr. Mark Allan Feldman, a prominent doctor and member of the world renown non-profit Cleveland Clinic, has been found dead in an Ohio hotel room (1).

You probably haven’t heard about it in the news, you probably never will. That’s because Dr. Feldman’s death has occurred under questionable circumstances. He’s one of the many otherwise healthy members of the alternative health community to die a mysterious death in the last 5 years (2).

Dr. Feldman 56, was an anesthesiologist at Cleveland Clinic and a 2016 Libertarian Party presidential nominee (3). His political party had similar values to his own: transparency in the White House and all federal agencies, protection of freedom and rights for all Americans, and the ban on campaign contributions (4).

Dr. Feldman was also out-spoken on his stance against forced vaccination and genetically modified organisms.

Although the Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner’s Office has not released an official cause of death, many have speculated that Dr. Feldman’s activism may have made him a target for murder for hire.

Feldman, a family man, was found after a woman called the hotel reception on the evening of June 22nd (5). It was not specified whether or not the woman was calling from inside his room or was simply a friend or colleague checking up on him.

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Within minutes, first responders rushed to the scene, where he was promptly declared dead. Why he was staying at the hotel is still unknown.

Staff at the Cole Eye Institute Operating Rooms at the Cleveland Clinic, where he served as director, have since released this statement: “We are saddened by the sudden loss of Dr. Feldman. He was a talented physician and will be missed.”

Colleagues from the Libertarian Party have also voiced their condolences:

Carla Howell, the party’s political director, was so stunned to hear the news that she immediately called Dr. Feldman’s family to confirm the fact. “This is absolutely horrible,” she said (6).

Nicholas Sarwark, chair of the party’s national committee, described the doctor as “a delightful, spirited, and dedicated Libertarian who inspired and won the hearts of many.”

He said: “We will miss his dedication as a member of the national committee and candidate for public office, but most of all, I will miss a good friend…Our deepest condolences to his family on their loss.”

New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson, who won the presidential nomination for the Libertarian Party against Dr. Feldman took to twitter to express his shock and upset:

Let’s hope that Dr.Felman’s death will bring more attention to the other mysterious deaths and possibly prevent more unnecessary deaths of members in the holistic health community.