Chris Cornell’s Wife Blames Anxiety Medication For Singer’s Suicide

by DailyHealthPost

Anxiety medications are prescribed with the intention of alleviating anxiety. In some cases, however, they can do more harm than good. Chris Cornell, a renowned singer in the group Soundgarden, committed suicide in his Detroit hotel room on May 18th 2017.

A recovering addict, he’d been taking the anti-anxiety drug, Ativan, for some time. Like many other addicts, Chris would occasionally take more than the recommended dose.

Side effects of ativan can include “paranoid or suicidal thoughts, slurred speech and impaired judgment,” explained attorney Kirk Pasich.

According to Vicky, Cornell’s wife, Chris was slurring his speech the night before. He admitted to taking “an extra Ativan or two”. Throughout their conversation, his demeanor was so altered from his usual state that afterwards Vicky called security to check on him. She is adamant that Chris would never intentionally and knowingly take his life.

The toxicology report has not been released yet, but his family and friends are confident the results will validate their hunch.

sources: HuffPost, RollingStone, MercuryNews

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