10 Reasons Why your Feet Hurt All the Time and How to Fix it

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

causes of foot pain

3. Heel Spurs

Heel spurs are growths of little calcium deposit protrusions under heel bones. Some heel spurs are painless while others cause heal pain or even plantar fasciitis.

Exercise, custom-made orthotics, anti-inflammatory medications, and cortisone injections can all treat heel spurs, but surgery might be required if the condition is too advanced. Losing weight, avoiding running, and wearing proper shoes can help treat and prevent the condition (4).

4. Calluses

Calluses are thick skin that builds up on your heels, toes, and the balls of your feet to protect your skin friction and pressure.

They can also occur on the hands of athletes and the fingers of certain musicians. While they aren’t painful, they do cause dry, rough skin that can be unsightly to some (5).

Calluses can be treated at home with soaking your feet in warm water, moisturizing the skin, and using a pumice stone to exfoliate the bottom of your foot. Podiatrists and estheticians may also remove the skin by using a sterile blade (6).

5. Stone Bruise

This deep and excruciating bruise that occurs on the ball of the foot. It’s commonly seen in physically active people who regularly jump or run. It’s also common in overweight, middle-aged, or diabetic people. Resting and icing the affected foot with heal the bruise faster than it would on its own (7).

6. Sprains and Strains

Exercising excessively or without proper form are both common causes of these minor injuries. They can also occur sudden trauma, such as a fall, twist, or blow to the body (8).

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Treat these injuries with rest, ice, compression, and elevation. If the pain doesn’t subside, visit your doctor, you may be suffering from a muscle tear or a more serious injury.