Top 3 Strategies For Losing Stubborn Fat

Top 3 Strategies For Losing Stubborn Fat

If you’ve ever had success losing weight, you’re probably acutely familiar with the other side of this coin: the fat that just holds on no matter what you do.

Can’t seem to get rid of that paunch?

Read on to learn how to lose stubborn belly fat with these three strategies.

1. Intermittent Fasting

This strategy for losing stubborn belly fat works by tricking the body into developing a more efficient metabolism. Essentially, going longer periods in between meals – roughly 12 to 18 hours – occasionally helps the body to burn more fat by inhibiting a-2 receptors and activating b-2 receptors.

B-2 receptors are the ones that signal to your body that it’s time to burn fat, as opposed to a-2 receptors, which are triggered in order to hold onto fat deposits. Some areas of the body have more of these types of receptors than others. Stubborn belly fat, unsurprisingly, tends to be home to far more a-2 receptors than b-2 receptors – hence the trouble with losing weight in that area.

As you fast, the insulin levels in your body drop, which ultimately activates the b-2 receptors to start burning fat. Thus, when you eat again, the body is prepared to burn the calories that you consume rather than hold onto them. Eating in cycles, in terms of calories and macronutrients, thus primes your body to process at its best when you do consume food.

2. High Intensity Interval Training

When it comes to busting fat with exercise, high intensity interval training is the best way to lose stubborn belly fat. This is because interval training actually burns more calories per unit of time than a steady pace workout. High intensity interval training, also known as HIIT, is also extremely beneficial for increasing insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance.

These two factors are known to play a major role in the difficulty associated with losing weight, so managing them with high intensity interval training might just give your body the boost it needs to beat that stubborn belly fat.

Finally, although high intensity interval training involves extremely difficult pushes of 100% effort, these types of workouts tend to be perceived as easier since they’re shorter and come with built-in breaks. So if you find that long, steady time-sinks of workouts aren’t getting rid of the belly fat, try throwing in some high intensity interval training, such as sprints or supersets with weights.

3. Caffeine with Fasting and Exercise

Caffeine is a thermogenic, meaning that it speeds up your metabolism to help you use more calories as a part of both daily function and when you exercise. If fasting and exercise don’t bust through that stubborn belly fat on their own, try adding in 200mg caffeine per day with your workout, up to 600mg per day if you typically consume a lot of caffeine (via coffee, tea, or energy drinks) and already have a tolerance for it.

Have you had success with overcoming plateaus to lose weight? Share your tips for how to lose stubborn belly fat in the comments section below!


  • Nick

    Could you be more specific about the intermittent fasting. What time of day to fast? We fast when we sleep, so is it a continuation of that, or is it fasting prior to sleep? Also, what specific foods to eat to break the fast to continue the fat burning?

    • nonev

      Yes, the fasting inlcudes sleep. Just fast about 16h / day , most do it by skipping breakfast and eating a late lunch, do what fits you. Eat lots of protein before fast to not lose muscle and lift heavy in the gym. If you wanna go to the gym before breaking fast, you probably should take ~10g of BCAA (branched amino acids).

      • Rocky

        love I lost 16lbs and 12 inches so far.

  • Amazing!!!

    This really helping me! My weight was 230 kilos, now 7 days later I weight 80 kilos and I got a six pack and a nice body.

    • Multiverses

      Evidence or gtfo

    • taffelost

      Not really sure what you’re trying to be ironic about. All the tips are sound and reasonable.

  • lazyass motherf**

    Just by doing sports and eating healthy you can lose as much fat as you like. It’s really not that hard when you just start doing those things. If you’re not losing any fat, you’re cheating and lying to yourself, nothing more. There’s no fast way to burn that fat, so just deal with it and jog til’ you don’t jiggle!

    • Janina Hult

      best answer i’ve read here 😉 i totally agree

    • taffelost

      Only it’s not true. It might be true for some of us, but not all. Some times you just need a proper strategy to make the body stop storing fat.

  • twit@SangomaNanka

    very helpful

  • johnny 2 fingers

    Love it

  • raki

    We know these information but never follows.

  • gothenburghs hope

    That’s not a lie!! Very very helpful!! Last night I weighted almost 300 kg, now after working out 2 hours ago.. now I weight 75 kg and I married a princess from heaven. Really helpful! Thank you!!

  • j h

    never heard of sarcasm?

  • aguafiesta

    “Cushion and insulation” i read somewhere. Yet most folks are eager to get rid of it. Furthermore, fat may come in handy if food shortage should occur. Rejoice that you`re not skinny.

  • Janina Hult

    You often hear that you’re supposed to eat regular small meals, but to be honest, having long breaks in between meals is actually what gets me ridd of belly fat quickest. When I m really busy and sometimes find no time to eat throughout the whole day, and then finally eat something I do not only eat less (because my stomach shrank a bit) but also eating healthy foods less frequenlty logically makes you consume less calories than you use, hence the quick weight loss

  • j

    Wow this is gonna make it worse!!
    Ur body gonna store more fat know you wil not eat for a long period of time the key is break down your major 3 meals a day to 5 this way you bady is not at stress ans your metabolism runs much stronger.
    Absolutely disagree with this idea.

  • Lukebrux

    If ever I stayed 12 hours without eating anything, I would be dead and so very skinny…

  • Rowan Murphy

    Here’s my suggestions:

    1: Avoid refined sugar and all starch like the plague! I can’t stress it enough, research this one. And check out paleo diet approaches.

    2: Eat fats! I can’t explain how tired I am seeing people thinking that low fat is good for your health, or concussive to weight loss. Both are totally untrue. I eat tonnes of fat, and I’m healthy and am losing the last of my fat. But I stress, healthy fats. Fats low in poly unsaturated fatty acids. My mother makes her own grass fed beef tallow! And I eat raw nuts, many of which are almost 50% fat.

    3: Hydrate properly and fully. This means the right amount of water for your weight, and the right amount of salt, which helps you to retain body water. This is a known cure for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, asthma, and countless other illnesses, but in this context, it causes your body to let go off its water reserves that are basically emergency stashes that most dehydrated people need. And most people (almost 100%of people no less) are dehydrated. Research the Water Cure.

    4: Flat belly water. Water with fresh mint, lemon, cucumber and ginger finely chopped into it and left over night, filtered out in the morning and enjoyed for its tastiness! This, more than straight water alone, helps to get rid of that last stubborn water deposit in your belly that makes people who are almost flat bellied look as though they still have some undesired body fat.

    I hope this helps ye all!

  • D-head

    ‘Chris’ you’re a fuckin’ idiot’s idiot-go figure that one!!!

  • Willo Conner

    The most ideal approach to burn extra fat is to devour lesser calories than that which is needed by your body. You have to make an every day caloric shortage of around 300 to 500 calories day by day which results in weight reduction of around 1 to 3 pounds a week relying upon the amount of extra weight you are booming. It is key to look into calories and in any event figure out how to gauge the quantity of calories in food sustenance. Controlling food intake is the most paramount piece of weight reduction however workout can likewise be extremely valuable. A combo of cardiovascular workout and weight training can help you lose extra weight and fat rapidly.

    1) Diet 101
    2) Exercise 101
    3) Supplements

    These three strategies can help you to lose stubborn fat rapidly.

  • Randy Smith

    Lol @ the sarcastic comments.
    Seriously though, I have been hitting the gym for over 3 months and while my fat mass has gone down my problem area is my stomach/abs for losing fat. I’m not sure I could do the fasting as I am diabetic but everything else seems easy enough to me.

  • BludBaut

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  • Migs_Ace

    I had try this before to lose weight, and this thing WORK GREAT!!! I was 196 pounds around December 2013 and by April 2014 I los 30 pounds and aging muscle. Just stay alway from sugar and bread