See What Happens Inside Your Body When You Eat Ramen Noodles

See What Happens Inside Your Body When You Eat Ramen Noodles

This story may make you think twice before downing a bowl of processed Ramen Noodles.

A video showing what happens inside the digestive tract after eating Ramen Noodles has gone viral.

Ramen noodles contain Tertiary-butyl hydroquinone (TBHQ), which is a byproduct of the petroleum industry and food additive frequently to preserve cheap processed foods.

A gastrointestinal specialist conducted an experiment with a time lapse video inside the stomach, comparing both fresh and preserved ramen noodles. After two hours of digestion, the results were staggering.

source: Youtube

  • Boiled Anus

    Ramen noodles are best when eaten while completely immersed in hot lava. Then the bad effects are neutralized.
    Thank me later.

    • Gary Juffa


  • Sayitaintsoy

    Send a carton over to The Mooch….

  • Ramenticate

    Then it should do no harm as you will have the same in your turd. And if it causes real harm, sue the manufacturer – Ka ching

  • thesparky1

    They are the worst simple carb on Earth. Thankfully most humans that consume them have little else to eat so the carbs are effective at satisfying the abject hunger. But for otherwise self sufficient people who have a choice, its horrible. I only ate them as a college student and they got me through the day. But now they have negative effects on my triglycerides and A1C.

  • chris9465

    i binge eat these when am sick wipes out a chest cold sore throat or upset stomach in days……great at symptom relief lol hahaha

  • ruben

    Yeah, that’s why they are band in Canada for a reason… slower digesting leading to more nutrient absorption? Last time i checked it was empty calories… smh

    • huh?

      banned? in Canada? I don’t think so!

    • Jared

      Band in Canada, Eh? So is intelligence, obviously.

    • Virg Yun

      they are not banned in Canada ….

    • bruceben9

      What style does the band play?

      • andy bo bandy

        i rarely read threads your comment almost made me fall out of my chair , good on ya , and the only food im currently aware that you dont get calories from is lettuce it takes more then it gives lol

  • Dominic Armato

    “The study cannot conclude processed is harmful. In fact, this study is too small to be conclusive about anything. But millions are drawing their own conclusions.”

    Everything that is wrong with media coverage and public consumption of science/health issues in one succinct soundbyte, straight from the horse’s mouth.

    • Dizzy Angel

      No kidding. They can’t have cheap preservatives criticized for any health effects. Think of all the money businesses would have to spend to be NOT harmful!

    • jason

      Sup homie

    • Tardigrade

      We know for a fact that processed ramen noodles (and even homemade ramen noodles with white, bleached flour) are pretty terrible for the human body.

      • Patrik

        No we don’t.
        You know what we do know for a fact?
        Not eating is really terrible for you!

  • GregoryH

    What a joke–the instant noodles were intact and had not even been chewed. No one eats that way.

    • JustSomeGuy

      Obviously someone did, since this is a picture from the stomach.

      • GregoryH

        You don’t get it — for this test they had someone swallow the noodles whole, rather than chew them. Thus, making the test’s applicability to the normal person of dubious value.

        • noodle knowledge

          I don’t think anyone chews Ramen noodles. Ever!

  • Rick 310

    I still eat ramen noodles……matter of fact I just ate two with a half pound of chicken n dat shit was……mmmmmmnoodle good.

    • Mohamed Israel ShEkelstein

      Good post 10/10 keep us updated

      • love

        LOL i love you

  • Lea

    I don’t know, but it’s glorious.

    • bruceben9

      Glorious like a long loud fart.

  • J Yungins

    Water is probably worser it has fluoride which kills brain cells. It is also very toxic.

  • bruceben9

    Non-issue. No big effing deal. Another medical bee ess item to get people concerned about nothing. Like second hand smoke. That is another bee ess issue. The food/drink/smoke natsi pyookes are at it again. Even the doctor/scientist eats raman noodles. In another related story, congress recently removed a bush era (I am no bush fan) ban on processed chicken parts in chicken nuggets found at many fast food dumps where the chicken funk comes from China. I wonder what mrs. Obama has to say about that seeing as she is the spokesperson for healthy eating. I assume the big O could have stopped this ban removal. He does whatever the f he wants on other issues.

    • Cally Trask

      Not true at all. There was no such repeal of any Bush law as you claim. Liar.

  • bruceben9

    Brilliant comment. Will you tutor my kids?

  • bruceben9

    Seriously? Even the scientist conducting the test eats them. You suk.


    This video makes you wonder how bad of a job she has. Poor thing. While reading this I thought, oh snap! Is it really bad for you? Then thought… oh…did she just say the doctor still eats them?… what was the point?

  • Jessica Stone

    Are we talking Top Ramen noodles or noodles from a Ramen House? So confused…

  • Elizabeth Sullivan

    I don’t know, the last time I ate a package of uncooked ramen noodles I ended up with a bad case of indigestion; however, it could have been that in combination with 2 Sloppy Joes and half a quart of ice cream. (O.o)

  • Cally Trask

    Not real surprised. Petroleum is ubiquitous in the american economy—even food and medicine industries. I used to eat these unfortunately for me. Whole Foods Market is where I go now and still read all labels–at least it can reduce intake of toxic food additives slightly

  • Kevin

    i’m wondering who recovers them

  • Rick Leow

    Its funny just reading what he said XD

  • Phil Blank

    There is a recent youtube on Huffington Post “Stop What You’re Doing: This Is How Instant Ramen Noodles Are Made”
    Dated July 18, 2014.

    • Natural Harmonia

      Thanks. Gonna go search for that.

  • Tamisha LoveKisses

    24 hours and the noodles still haven’t broken down??? Yes there’s a problem no

  • Natural Harmonia

    I like Mama Noodles better.

  • mtman2

    Ramen Noodles hah!
    There’s 3 varieties of MSG in them, only God knows
    what a diet with that level of hazardous chemicals will do to you~!

  • Jerome Barry

    This explains how it works. Since it takes longer to actually digest the processed noodle, the starch of the noodle is more slowly broken down into sugar, the sugar from the noodle is more slowly used by the body without triggering an insulin dump to convert it to fat, and the next meal (of ramen) comes along at a reasonable time. It’s like a healthy meal. I said, “like a”, not “is a”, but no-one has yet found any evidence that global consumption of instant noodles (I keep a case in my own pantry) is anything other than salutary.

  • GregoryH

    Eric, here’s an example of a stomach working: chew corn and your bowel movement will look typical. Swallow whole kernels of corn and they will come out in your BM. Sometimes it seems like the more smug a commenter, the more they sound like a child to someone with the life experience of an adult. Then again, my wife and I both have legitimate degrees that include the word “doctor” so education may be a factor as well.

  • Lola Camacho

    Look, in this world just about everything that we consume o what surround us is harmful to our body even the air we breath & dont say no, the cars we drive is a #1 air pollution to our body world wide & I dont really see anybody trying to get rid of the car industry so go figure EAT ON :-)

  • Krissy

    Really? OK what about corn that over 90% of the population consume and bell pepper etc…Oh wait did you think those kernels coming out in your poop digested?

  • Mo Lillaney

    so i might see a noodle or two in my poo, big woop!

  • Simon

    you won’t want the noodles anymore

  • bimbo baggins

    but people say atm machine all the time

  • Carter Rose

    Is anyone else reading this while eating Ramen? 😛

  • Ukko Clap

    This is a bad example, they are showing bad quality ramen noodles, if you’re eating good tier ramen noodles (made by hand) which requires you to cook the noodles it does not contain TBHQ.