If you’re avoiding doing burpees because of some pain, then try this little trick to improve your form. With this little adjustment in this part of the sequence, you can do these with less strain on your body and with better results. Give it a try… Don’t give up on burpees! When performing (or attempting [...]

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Vegan bodybuilder Frank Medrano joins a growing number of athletes and bodybuilders whose phenomenal fitness and peak physical performance are powered exclusively by plants. As the general public is increasingly confronted with the inherent cruelty of all animal farming, and armed with the knowledge that we can live healthy lives without exploiting animals for food, more and more [...]

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Stretching is an often overlooked -- yet important -- part of any fitness routine. If you like to workout, your joints need to be able to move easily, and stretching helps that happen. It also keeps your tendons (the tissues that connect muscle to bone) from shortening and tightening as you get older, which can improve [...]

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Think you know the difference between ‘Argh, that was a good work out!’ pain, and the ‘Wow! I think I have actually damaged something!’ pain? If not read on for some tips that might make your exercising experience a lot better. A good push sometimes during a workout session can make the difference in increasing [...]

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Whether a popular opinion or not, not many trainers support the idea of doing crunches for ab training. But why are so many experts against crunches? Here are 9 reasons why you should reconsider doing crunches: Sure, if you do them with proper form crunches can be harmless. But most people are not doing them right. [...]

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Undoubtedly, you’ve been exposed to myths about how women should or shouldn’t engage in strength training. Each of the following myths has deterred women from gaining the benefits of maintaining a great strength-training program.  We’ve all heard about how the gorgeous Gwyneth Paltrow doesn’t lift anything above 3 pounds during her workout routine. The idea [...]

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