A muscle strain can also be referred to as a pulled muscle and it occurs when a muscle has been stretched too far. A pulled muscle actually consists of small tears within the muscle and it happens more commonly as people age. In most cases, people pull a muscle from overexertion, or from not warming [...]

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Foam rollers have become the newest simple tool you can use for stretching and conditioning muscles. They are inexpensive, durable, and easy to use. The way they work is through self-myofascial release: the pressure experienced by applying your body weight to a muscle group while moving over a roller eases restriction of the connective tissue [...]

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Making exercise fun increases the chances you’ll want to keep doing it. Apart from the physical challenge, exercising with family and friends--and competing--provide emotional support as well. Creativity is no less needed than in concocting new ways to enjoy yourself while you get a healthy workout. Here are some of the most innovative and wild [...]

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They just appeared at the gym one day: cylindrical foam rollers. Now everyone is using them rather than traditional stretching exercises. Do they really make a difference in your workout? While a low-tech tool, foam rollers are very effective at optimizing range of motion as part of exercise warm-up.  “Foam rolling is great, although it [...]

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If you’re avoiding doing burpees because of some pain, then try this little trick to improve your form. With this little adjustment in this part of the sequence, you can do these with less strain on your body and with better results. Give it a try… Don’t give up on burpees! When performing (or attempting [...]

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