6 Ways to Boost a Slow Metabolism

The dreaded slow metabolism is a frequent roadblock in the effort to get fit by losing weight. If your body tends to hold onto everything you put into it for dear life, consider the following tips for boosting your metabolism and giving your weight loss efforts some additional oomph.

1. Pack on Some Muscle

Next time you’re at the gym, consider adding a weight lifting circuit to your usual cardio workout. Muscle requires more caloric energy for everyday functioning, even while resting.

For that reason, every five to ten pounds of muscle you add to your body will result in the usage of an additional 100 calories per day, helping you to tip the balance towards calorie expenditure rather than calorie intake.

2. Get Enough Sleep

Making sure that you get the amount of sleep that is appropriate for your body is absolutely key in maintaining a healthy metabolism.

While the metabolic consequences of too little sleep are many, it is clear from a number of studies that getting either too much sleep or not enough sleep is related to a higher risk for obesity and diabetes. Too little sleep can also result in increased food cravings throughout the day, which certainly won’t help your efforts to lose weight.

3. Eat Enough Food

While you don’t want to overdo it with frequent meals, skimping out on breakfast or a mid-day snack can dramatically slow your metabolism, as your body goes into starvation mode. In an article for MSN, Dan Benardot, PhD, a dietitian and professor at Georgia State University, recommends adding 150-calorie snacks in between meals, and never dipping lower than 1,200 calories in a single day.

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